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Welcome! In the following pages you will find information about  kinetic art and the kinetic artist, Clayton Whitehouse - get to view his kinetic sculpture and designs, some of which will be in motion - find out where and when he will be exhibiting his kinetic art - learn how you can order a kinetic sculpture - view photos of him in his workshop and at shows - and check out our extensive links to other fine art websites.

Clayton works in stainless steel and brass and often combines the two metals to make a truly stunning kinetic sculpture which can be activated by a gentle touch or by horizontal air currents.  Each kinetic sculpture is individually handcrafted and they range in size from tabletop scale to over-life-sized pieces suitable for large spaces or outdoor installations.

When asked how he came to create his kinetic sculptures, Clayton replies that all the experience he gained over thirty years in other vocations working with metals brought him to where he is today as a kinetic artist. He has been creating his kinetic sculptures since 1986 and has progressed from his unique method of balancing the sculptures, allowing them to rotate, to motorizing them. This form of kinetic sculpture seems to appeal to everyone who views them either at an art festival or in art galleries where Clayton’s work is displayed. His kinetic art is collected worldwide.

We are a member of Kinetic-Art.Org which is dedicated to bringing kinetic art to the world. They define kinetic art as an assemblage or sculpture, made up of parts designed to be set in motion by an internal mechanism or an external force. For more information on Clayton Kinetic Sculpture and kinetic art, contact us at 772 600-7470; FAX 772 600-7531 email




Kinetic sculptures and kinetic art by Clayton